James Smith

BEng Engineering (Motorsport Engineering)

Project Title: Sustainable Alternative Fuels

Project Description

My project has looked into sustainable alternatives, to the conventional petrol and diesel internal combustion engine vehicles. I performed literature reviews, analysing and evaluating current and future production and concept cars, with the view to ascertaining the most sustainable way forward for the automotive industry. The report found that hybrid electric vehicles are likely to increase in the near future, whilst the development of battery systems and charging infrastructures are improved. However, ultimately fuel cell electric vehicles will become the longterm sustainable solution for the automotive industry.

I have always been very practical and had an keen interest in cars and motorsport, and how all the systems work. When looking for courses, the practical aspect stood out for me.

I chose UWTSD because of the brand new facilities, and the hands on practical work that the course offered. The location near the beach also sold the course to me.

I have a job lined up for when I finish my last module, but after I graduate I am going to be looking for jobs in the motorsport industry. I was planning to studying for my Masters degree, but after COVID-19, I have decided to take a break from study and may come back for a Masters after getting some industry experience.

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