Jeffrey Elliss

BEng Engineering (Motorsport Engineering)

Project Title: An investigation into the use of rubber elastomers in rally car suspension

Project Description

My project was an investigation into the use of rubber elastomers in the place of coil springs in rally car suspension. This has a few potential benefits including more compact packaging solutions and highly customisable spring curves. In order to investigate this Solidworks was used to model the elastomers and a while vehicle model was created in Simulink to understand the effects of the elastomer characteristics. The solidworks model used in place of damper dyno testing of actual elastomers revealed a significant amount of energy losses from hysteresis in the rubber. This damping effect acts somewhat like a viscous damper and had effects on the unsprung mass control in the spring mass damper models used. The results of these investigations suggest there may be some value to the use of elastomers in place of components such as helper springs to give a wider range of characteristics to better suit the extreme range of situations seen on some rally stages.

Ive spent most of my life either racing or rallying and ave always enjoyed maintaining my vehicles and this course catered to my interests very effectively.

The helpfulness of the lecturers on the open day i went to was the main factor for my university choice.

I hope to be able to get engineering jobs where i get to work on interesting projects. Ideally in motorsport.

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