Joshua Lewis

BEng Engineering (Motorsport Engineering)

Project Title: The viability of using an over expansion cycle engine as a range extender for electric vehicles using computational methods.

Project Description

my final year project was to look into the viability of using an Atkinson type cycle engine for use as a range-extender in electric vehicles, I built a model engine of the 1.6 sigma in an engine simulation software Ricardo wave from this, I utilised the geometry and ran the engine as a two-cylinder as the power needed for recharging the batteries was considerably less. the engine was then run with an Atkinson type cycle by altering the cam profile to achieve a late intake valve closure. I found that by running this particular cycle greater BSFC was achieved and it would be a suitable option as a range-extender.

because of my passion for motorsport and engines.

facilities are good and had been recommended by a past student

find an engineering job and hopefully have my own business one day

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