Michael Heys

BEng Engineering (Motorsport Engineering)

Project Title: To research a hydrostatic transmission (HST) with an accumulator and Investigate whether it can be a viable alternative and packaged into a Super Luxury Vehicle with competitive results.

Project Description

Investigate and discuss the possibility of implementing a hydrostatic transmission into a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Research hydraulic pumps, motors and accumulators and size them up using appropriate calculations to select components which, when combined, would deliver competitive results whilst maintaining traditional Super Luxury Vehicle values.

I have always been interested in making vehicles go fast but never had a full understanding of how it was done and I wanted to broaden my knowledge in the field of engineering.

Because I felt a foundation year was most appropriate to gain a proper understanding of what was to be required of me at university and to set the ground work of the necessary knowledge to progress through the BEng

To find a job with a company which tests my knowledge and is interesting. I would very much like to work in the commercial side of engineering, such as large excavators, lorries and other such equipment

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