Asahi Pollock

BSc Environmental Conservation

Project Title: An Investigation into Consumers Knowledge of Environmental Certifications used in the Garment Industry

Project Description

This dissertation firstly details the environmental impact of the garment industry. The research identified that greenwashing through the use of environmental certifications is hugely predominant in clothing. Therefore, the research aimed to identify the consumers knowledge on environmental certifications and whether they were subject to greenwashing.

This was important to identify as the Global Ethical Fashion Market has been growing quickly as consumers become more aware of the environmental impact of clothing.

The results showed that there is a stark lack of knowledge on environmental certifications and that greenwashing is extremely likely to be effecting the student community. 

Before studying Environmental Conservation, I was studying an Art and Design foundation with the hopes of going into Textiles. After moving away from home I was very observant on my individual environmental impact but this wasn’t enough for me. I couldn’t ignore the degradation of the environment and felt strongly that this was the path that I wanted to go down.

I had already moved to Swansea for UWTSD for the foundation, therefore, it was a very happy coincidence that the university offered this degree. The small class sizes are hugely beneficial as we developed close relationships with both lecturers and course mates.

Future career plans, I am going to spend a good long while figuring that out. Covid has robbed us from experiencing what the world has to offer, so that’s what I plan to do first.


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